About MAQ Capital

The Launchpad Of Business Success

MAQ Capital is the catapult for new and established businesses who wish to expand their markets to the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, Asia while incorporating within the UAE to enjoy the lucrative benefits of the Emirati business landscape which include pro-business government policies, strategic trade deals and subsidies, and a competitive edge over other business havens.

Our Story

Humbly originating in 2015 in Dubai, MAQ Capital quickly became one of the fastest-growing companies in the UAE helping businesses of all types achieve their goals in an efficient and rapid manner.

Building Business Connections That Matter

Highly disruptive and innovative businesses understand the importance of having high-tier business contacts to help them accelerate their reach and arrive at their full potential in as little time as possible. MAQ Capital has the expertise, the experience, and the know-how to get you up to speed with UAE’s highly competitive business atmosphere. Our partners that make up MAQ Capital’s executive team that assesses and approve business applicants work hand-in-hand to make sure that our new partners become successful in the Middle East and beyond.

Innovating Accross Diverse Industries

At MAQ Capital, we seek innovation in everything we do. MAQ Capital works with a wide range of companies in diverse fields such as hospitality, construction, real estate, healthcare, cosmetics, agriculture, portal services, and trading in oil & gas, among others. With our business portfolio full of innovative companies, and our unique approach towards strategic business partnerships, we help startups such as yours grow at an accelerating rate.

Leading UAE’s Innovative Vision

Our objectives put us in line with UAE’s vision for the future of the country which is based on technological leadership, innovation, disruption, and diversity through international collaboration. MAQ Capital is proud to be an active participant in programs like Smart Dubai, 2021, and the UAE Centennial aimed for 2071.

Our Advisory & Management

Bringing a diverse range of managerial abilities, MAQ Capital offers mentorship around business operations in the field of technology, healthcare and petroleum, and construction companies. Since our beginning in 2015, MAQ Capital is proud to lead the business by attracting the best businesses from around the world.


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