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We know the elite of the elite, the exclusive of the exclusive. With MAQ Capital’s strategic partnerships all over the private, public, and government sectors of the UAE, startups, and businesses that partner with us have a certain competitive advantage when it comes to navigating the social element of the business landscape.

We help our partners get exclusive access to high-profile mentoring, and first-hand information about the latest developments in their respective industries both in the UAE, and abroad.

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With diverse connections in both the government and the corporate sector, MAQ capital enables businesses to reach their potential and transform their strategic collaborations. MAQ Capital has a diverse management team that allows its partners to take full advantage of a high-profile corporate network.

Our Selection Methods

MAQ Capital has a very selective methodology when it comes to forming a new strategic partnership with companies and startups. MAQ Capital is driven by innovation and entrepreneurship and values in the strategic partnerships it intends to form both in the UAE and abroad. Businesses that apply and eventually end up as partners with us have good products, impeccable customer service, and have the potential to disrupt at a global level.

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If you feel like that lack of confidence, contacts, or market know-how is preventing you from entering highly competitive business environments such as Dubai’s, then partnering up with MAQ Capital is just what you need. We facilitate companies in developing their corporate infrastructure in ways that allow them to scale to the UAE and expand to the entire MENA area and beyond. Whether you’re an established business or a new startup considering entering the Dubai market, MAQ Capital has the resources to help you set up a base and expand into new arcades with pre-planned processes and strategic insights.

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