Letter From the CEO

As a growing, innovative company, we have made several investments in highly disruptive startups using the collaborative efforts of our partnerships and business departments, and offices situated around the globe. MAQ Capital was founded to become an exemplary innovative company that grows alongside the vision of the UAE to become the world’s best country by 2071.

At MAQ Capital, we believe in shaping human society for the better through technology and innovation. This is why we guide, mentor, invest in, and scale highly disruptive startups founded by entrepreneurs around the world.

As CEO and Senior Advisor to MAQ Capital, it is my privilege to work alongside the Royal Families of UAE and the world’s top talent to invent and implement solutions that make the world a better place.

We look forward to having a successful collaborating with you and helping your startup and business revolutionize your entire industry.

Let’s create change.

Yours sincerely,
Mohammed Abdul Qadir Jihad
CEO, MAQ Capital

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