Our Investment Program

We’re Constantly Looking For The Next Big Thing

MAQ Capital is constantly looking for startups and businesses that share its vision of disruption through technology, business through product innovation, and accelerated growth by clear-cut planning and decisive action.

Once the investment is approved, MAQ Capital provides strategic solutions for the business to incorporate within its operational capacity and move ahead with confidence. With our broad network of contacts throughout the UAE and the world, we keep on providing value to our partners making them better and keeping them at a competitive advantage over their competition.

Ideas We Invest In

MAQ Capital looks for projects belonging to diverse industries. We believe in forming partnerships early and developing healthy business relationships throughout the development of your company. MAQ Capital has the resources to help you develop your idea into a viable product, gain a significant market share, and unleash your business growth potential. We spend time cultivating good relationships with founders, providing them with key insights into the business landscape while giving them complete creative freedom.

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Project We Invest In

MAQ Capital looks for the right idea and right product-market fit developed by driven, motivated, and reliable founders. MAQ Capital has a strong belief that diversity gives rise to innovation and therefore looks for new products to invest in that originate from anywhere in the world. Our selection committee looks forward to connecting with innovative entrepreneurs from around the globe.

How We Make Investments

MAQ Capital makes investments in either already established and proven business ideas that have started to generate revenue or test a product idea developed by a startup that doesn’t have an MVP ready. In that case, we run test cases on paper and add additional checks to test the market viability of the product and its overall potential for disruption and explosive growth.

Our Investment Process

Step 1
Initial Meeting

Step 2
Filing An Application

Step 3
Application Review

Step 4
Finalization Of Application

Step 5
Review Meeting

Step 6
Signing MOU

Step 7
Agreement Drafting

Step 8
Official Agreement & Ceremony

Technology Driven Business Innovation

At MAQ Capital, we believe in changing the world with technology. We invest in startups that make human lives better by incorporating their new out-of-the-box ideas, their unique value propositions, and their solutions to mankind’s ongoing problems. The technology revolution of the past decade in North America and Europe is common knowledge. The next revolution is in the Middle East and North Africa. MAQ Capital intends on being at the forefront of this revolution by helping innovative startups reach their true potential.

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