Our Referral Program

Innovation via Collaboration & Consultation

MAQ Capital has a vast network of successful businesses and strategic partnerships that you and your business can start leveraging from day one. With our referral program, you can refer companies and get referrals in return or receive compensation in the case of successful cooperation.

What We Want To See

A startup that has the will, the drive, the problem, and its solution which points to having the potential to become the next unicorn. With a successful product that can have the ability to disrupt, startups can team up MAQ Capital and experience growth like none other.

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How We Operate

MAQ Capital is always looking to build the next strategic relationship with a good-standing company. We look forward to meeting with credible referees that have an eye for good business potential when looking for and referring businesses and startups. If this sounds like you, we will be excited to meet with you.

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Become a royalty connector and spark opportunities.

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