Partnerships We’re Looking For

As diverse as our experience in business goes, we look for partnerships with all kinds of innovative businesses and startups, no matter what the size. As long as we find innovation, creativity, and unique solutions within a business, we look forward to working with them and helping them leverage UAE’s great business potential to boost their growth and help the country achieve its economic goals alongside.

Process 1: Evaluation & Selection

In businesses and startups, new or old, the key traits we look for are product uniqueness, market readiness, product flexibility, technological impact and innovation, performance, burn rates in earlier funding rounds, and overall customer dealing and feedback.

Process 2: Meeting With The Gurus

A face-to-face meeting with our managers and strategic partners helps MAQ Capital understand the founders’ vision and far-reaching goals related to finance legal and commercial perspectives. MAQ Capital’s strategic partners then decide and discuss the optimum business model to foster bilateral cooperation and growth for all parties involved.

The 8 Partnership Approval Steps

Step 1
Initial Meeting

Step 2
Filing An Application

Step 3
Application Review

Step 4
Finalization Of Application

Step 5
Review Meeting

Step 6
Signing MOU

Step 7
Agreement Drafting

Step 8
Official Agreement & Ceremony

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