The Need For a Local Partner

Business journeys ever rarely go smoothly. The path to success is built with hindrances, obstacles, frustrations, struggles, and the desire to give up. At MAQ Capital, we understand your struggle and we believe in it.

With our vast network all over the UAE and our decades of experience in developing highly successful businesses, we have the knowledge and the planning skills to join you in your endeavor and make it worthwhile and eventually: profitable.

1.Join Hands With Royalty

MAQ Capital has the resources and the connections to allow your business to leverage the vast landscape of opportunities that comes with having ties with the royalty of Dubai. They open doors for MAQ Capital’s businesses and their own mentorship like no other.

2.Access The Entities That Make Up The Arabian Emirates

A local partner such as MAQ Capital reserves exclusive rights to top decision-makers making the business journey of its incumbent startups less enduring and more successful in the long run.

3.Local Partners Help Develop Your Business

A local partner like MAQ Capital has the ability, the experience, and the technical knowledge to set you up to speed like no other. With the UAE’s highly competitive business landscape, it is best to have experienced business mentorship if you want to go for high-growth markets.

4.Planning & Marketing

Successful businesses aren’t built overnight, however, at MAQ Capital, we proudly disagree. With our diverse portfolio of innovative, highly profitable businesses, we have developed the right system to foster accelerated startup growth for companies that are truly innovative.

5.Market Disruption

The product any startup or business sells is as good as what its customers say about it. This is why at MAQ Capital, startups and businesses rest easy that their marketing is handled by one of the best teams in UAE. With a strong local partner like MAQ Capital, your business can scale knowing that it will disrupt its market segment like no other.

6.Government Compliance

In a new environment with a new legal infrastructure and government policies, both established businesses and startups show reluctance in penetrating a new market. A local partner like MAQ Capital helps you by giving you its expert advice in managing your startup’s government compliance with regard to your industry while giving you a competitive edge by navigating the legal landscape for you.

7.Mediation & Support

A local partner is a friend that mediates and supports your startup in the business world. At MAQ Capital, we help startups navigate legal responsibilities and guide you from your incorporation to the day you reach your goals, and beyond.

8.Injecting Capital, Injecting Life

MAQ Capital understands the importance of injecting an adequate amount of capital to fuel business operations and scale at the national and international levels. MAQ Capital has contacts all over the UAE and abroad with VC individuals and firms that can help you secure your next seed round with ease.

9.Protocol Support

MAQ Capital ensures that its business partners are well-versed to meet with high-profile people and have the social know-how to navigate high-profile social situations with ease.

10.Human Resources

A local partner like MAQ Capital can help you access the local talent pool with relative ease. We will help you recruit the best of the best in record time, while you do what’s important for your business.

11.Prestigious Office Space & Admin Support

A capable local partner like MAQ Capital understands the importance of a team-focused physical space that allows founders and employees to focus on strategy and execution. Startups at MAQ Capital enjoy good office spaces where their administrative needs are met and well accounted for.

12.Global Exposure

A local partner might seem like it’s handling things locally, however, with partners like MAQ Capital, your startup and business have the advantage of global exposure. With strong business ties to businesses, VCs, and firms all over the world, you are exposed to a global network of business professionals, experience, and opportunities.

13.Diverse Support

Local partners have strategic relationships within UAE and abroad. MAQ Capital ensures that its startups and businesses get the best advice by exposing them to a diversity of business experience, mentors, and advice.

14.Setting You Apart From The Crowd

A local partner like MAQ Capital makes sure that you stand out from your competition and can leverage off of your uniqueness to get ahead and win market aftermarket.

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