8 Reasons To Believe In UAE As An Economic Miracle

Starting from just a small port-town, Dubai along with the rest of UAE has become a global leader in business, innovation, industry, and technology – all in the span of less than half a century. Dubai is nothing short of an economic miracle, for businesses and corporations, for for-profit, and for non-profit, for advancement, and for reflection. Read on below how you can leverage off of UAE’s great vision for the future and play your part in history.

Reason 1: Location

UAE’s and Dubai’s location gives businesses and corporations access to the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, and the MENA region. Its strategic importance in the Persian Gulf makes it a multi-trillion-dollar gateway, overseeing international trade in real-time.

Reason 2: UAE’s Capital Of Commerce

Dubai is home to innovation itself. UAE’s government plans to make the country and Dubai synonymous with innovation and prosperity for years to come. It is the first country that has a Minister of Artificial Intelligence.

Reason 3: Fertile For All Types Of Businesses

A highly stable business environment along with UAE’s pro-economic policies make Dubai one of the best places to conduct and manage business operations on the international stage.

Reason 4: Minimal to Tax-free

UAE’s minimal to tax-free economic infrastructure allows businesses to scale and operate without worrying about financial implications and gives them the confidence they need to expand globally from a strong foothold in the Emirates.

Reason 5: Inclusivity & Diversity

The city of Dubai is a multi-cultural history where everybody has an equal opportunity. It hosts individuals from over 200 nationalities making it the first global hub of the diverse human capital of the world.

Reason 6: Brutally Focused on Technology

With UAE’s Centennial plan for 2071, Dubai is on its way to becoming the leading technology provider of the world with provisions for every technological research known to man.

Reason 7: Right In The Middle Of The Economic Globe

With its strategic time zone and land and sea routes that give it access to the entirety of global trade, Dubai is situated in the best location for productive businesses to run and scale their operations.

Reason 8: Trade Ties

Dubai has trade relations with over 20 countries in the MENA region giving businesses the opportunity to expand their corporate profiles in ways not possible anywhere else in the world.

Why Dubai during & post COVID-19

Reason 1
Digital Transformation

The UAE and its commercial capital Dubai are bent on becoming the first completely digitally reliant nation in the world. With technology at its core, the ongoing business transformation of Dubai is going to be remarkable, to say the least.

Reason 2
10-Year Golden Visa Scheme

The government of the UAE has allowed the issuance of 10-year golden visas to professionals and qualified individuals with a proven track record of success in their profession and business. This is a very lucrative opportunity for hassle-free to acquire residence within the Emirates.

Reason 3
Future-Centric & Ready

Dubai had a seamless shift to online operations during the pandemic that tested the rest of the world. The city’s shift to the online landscape was exemplary of its innovation in technology that prevented large-scale international business disruptions.

Reason 4
Infrastructure That Scales

Dubai’s infrastructure saw minimum damage during the COVID-19 pandemic due to its economic planning divisions and buffer limits set by the government’s capable economic division. As businesses around the world closed, Dubai saw little-to-no disruption in its ability to sustain and scale business operations.

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