Our Acceleration Program

The Accelerator That Cares

MAQ Capital offers advice in all areas of business. At our accelerator programs, we offer up to AED 250k of funds to assist you in your growth targets and help you scale as you grow. We provide legal, technical, and strategic counsel to our partners and give them the networking direction that sets them apart from their competition for years to come.

Why You Should Join MAQ Capital

In our experience, most startups that don’t do well in their early years don’t have capital deficits. It is mostly the lack of experience and exposure to the right people and having the right team. At MAQ Capital, we make sure that apart from having sufficient capital for launch and sustainability, our partners are able to receive the right guidance and mentorship to drive accelerated growth in their revenues and eventually profits.

How We’re Different

At MAQ Capital, we make sure that our startups experience the acceleration they deserve to experience. After the rigorous selection process, startups with the potential to disrupt industries not just within UAE but in the world are provided the support, guidance, and mentorship they need to become what they are meant to become.

Startups We Are Searching For

MAQ Capital is looking for startups that have developed some customer base on their own and are now looking to go big and win it all.

MAQ Capital’s Selection Formula

Interested startups are asked to fill out an application formally indicating their desire to enter into a strategic agreement with MAQ Capital. The applications are then filtered on the basis of the innovativeness of their ideas, their unique value propositions, and the overall vision of their founders. The selected applicants are called in for a review meeting while some startups are asked to submit a demonstration video. If MAQ Capital finds the qualities it values in these businesses, the founders are called to discuss mutual agreements and proposals set out by MAQ Capital. After this, a final decision is made based on what’s best for both parties.

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