Strongly Unified Around What Matters

With our diverse backgrounds and roots stemming from different continents, MAQ Capital is the amalgamation of inclusivity and diversity. We are focused and united around the only thing that matters: progress - a constant urge to innovate and improve.MAQ Capital partners with startups and existing businesses that are focused on delivering higher and higher value to their customers and the rest of the world. We bond with innovators, thinkers, inventors, and out-right rebels - who constantly change how humans work, play, eat, and trade.Our existing partners belong to a diverse group of business niches - the intersection of which innovation, creativity us, the members of MAQ Capital.

More Life-Long Partners Than Investors

At MAQ Capital, we experience a bi-directional familial bond with startups and businesses we help and invest in. MAQ Capital is constantly looking for innovative startups and businesses that are disrupting fintech, real estate, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and more. With a highly competitive recruitment process, we can’t help but develop a strong bond with our selectees that qualify for our mentorship.

At MAQ Capital, our team with its diverse business and innovation experience is quite good at picking out potential limitations in business plans, highlighting blind spots, and predicting complex scenarios that are likely to cause failure. Startups that qualify for our program enjoy a stunning market debut because of the hard work they and the MAQ Capital team put in generating impressive revenue streams. With its vast contact network in the UAE, startups working at MAQ Capital experience growth unlike anywhere else.

Think You Have What It Takes?

MAQ Capital encourages startups with innovative ideas and a solid vision for the future of society to apply to our program. Startups with solid planning, logical thinking, and a knack for picking the most innovative solutions are applied in this competitive program.


The Decision Makers Of MAQ Capital

Aside from the financial forecasts, business plans, balance sheets, go-to-market strategies, and other quality-control measures, we at MAQ Capital have a six-member executive committee, that checks for innovativeness and the ground-breaking element in any startup’s product or service.

Partnering with a Royalty.
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