What We Do

Connecting You Directly To Big Players

MAQ Capital helps you reach top-level decision-makers by using its vast network of high-profile contacts that spans the entire UAE and most of the corporate world.

As your potential strategic partner, MAQ Capital ensures that your business or startup has access to competitive markets, acquire good leads from the get-go, establish long-term collaborations, get the best market research available, navigate the legal and corporate landscape of the UAE and help you scale as you steer the business towards enormous success.

We Are Business Mentors

We help businesses and startups with corporate, legal, and operational support both in their early days and when they go global.

We Help You Become The Best Version Of Yourselves

In a highly competitive business environment such as that of the UAE, MAQ Capital ensures that its partners have all the social know-how to navigate any social situation and event that may or may not include high-profile people. We have the experience and the guidance available to help you become the best versions of yourselves. We will help you train for one-on-one meetings, highlight blind spots in your presentations and help you prepare for potential investor pitches.

We Provide You With Bespoke Infrastructure

The management team of MAQ Capital has been in this business for a long time. Startups and businesses that work with us are set up for a good start. From setting up the company structure to providing good office space, identifying high-potential business opportunities, introducing to key stakeholders, and offering legal and professional counseling – all part of the MAQ Capital environment.

We Understand The Status Quo Better

MAQ Capital is a leading provider of professional business counseling and mentoring to startups and established businesses that intend to start their trades within the UAE. We comprehend the status quo better than most and help our partners get a head start.

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